Why Us

Ganzhou Sentai Bamboo & Wood Co,. Ltd

Ganzhou Sentai Bamboo & Wood Co,. Ltd is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of bamboo products. Established in 1998, our company has been providing high-quality bamboo products for customers around the world for almost 25 years. The factory has been accredited with ISO 9001, ISO 140001, and FSC. Our products have been performed and passed tests according to different BS, EN, and ASTM standards.

Our vision is to promote better use of bamboo in different areas. For the world, for the poverty, and for the next generations by delivering the values of bamboo.
The company’s range of bamboo products includes flooring, decking, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, and structural products. More important, the company has been providing bamboo product application solutions for architects and designers around the world. Having been investing in research and development, we envision ourselves to be the leader in this industry.

Our company is known for producing high-quality bamboo and wood products that are both sustainable and eco-friendly.

Offer a range of products including flooring, furniture, paneling, and building materials.

We are committed to reducing their environmental impact and promoting sustainable materials in construction and interior design.

Factory occupying 35,000 sqm in Ganzhou with high-level facilities, whose construction and production conditions comply with ISO14000, ISO9001 and FSC.

Moreover, Greezu (trademark) company launched a new processing/technical line on outdoor/fire rating products which leading in the bamboo industry


Bamboo has a variety of functions and uses, some of which include:

  1. Building material: Bamboo is often used as a building material for homes, bridges, and other structures due to its strength and durability.
  2. Food: In many cultures, bamboo shoots are a staple food and are used in a variety of dishes.
  3. Textile production: Bamboo fibers are used to produce textiles, including clothing, bedding, and towels.
  4. Paper production: Bamboo can be processed into high-quality paper, which is often used for writing, printing, and packaging.
  5. Landscape design: Bamboo is a popular plant for landscaping and can be used as a hedge, screen, or ornamental element in gardens.
  6. Musical instruments: Bamboo is used to make musical instruments, such as flutes, xylophones, and drums.
  7. Cultural significance: Bamboo holds cultural significance in many societies and is often used in rituals, festivals, and celebrations.

Bamboo Can Create A Calm, Serene Atmosphere In Any Space

Greezu bamboo & wood

Bamboo interior design is a style that incorporates the use of bamboo materials in decorating the inside of a building or space. Bamboo is a versatile, fast-growing, and sustainable resource that has been used in construction and design for thousands of years. In interior design, bamboo is often used in furniture, flooring, wall coverings, and other decorative elements. The look and feel of bamboo is warm, natural, and organic, adding a touch of nature to any room. The color and texture of bamboo can range from pale, blonde hues to dark, rich browns, and the material can be finished in a variety of ways to suit different design styles. Whether it’s in the form of bamboo furniture, bamboo flooring, or other bamboo elements, a bamboo interior can create a calm, serene atmosphere in any space.
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